“It’s time for Americans across this great country to stand up and say, ‘We’re all Arizonans now. … And in clear unison we say, ‘Mr. President: Do your job. Secure our border.'” – Sarah Palin

Talk about serving up red meat to the right. File it under unhelpful.

It doesn’t take any time to read the Arizona law, yet before going in front of Congress, Eric Holder hadn’t done so. How does the Attorney General of the United States explain such blatant unpreparedness? Simple, he can’t.

Now it’s encapsulated in a TV ad, with added punch of Gov. Brewer now having Sarah Palin by her side.

… Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin joined the national battle over Arizona’s controversial new immigration law Saturday, appearing with Gov. Jan Brewer in Phoenix to denounce the Obama administration’s criticism of the law.

“It’s time for Americans across this great country to stand up and say ‘We’re all Arizonans now and, in clear unity, we say Mr. President, do your job, secure our border,'” Palin said, standing beside Brewer at a Saturday afternoon press conference. […]

… “And while Mexico’s president has begun to crack down on the violent drug cartels and corruption in his own country,” she continued, “It’s time for the United States government to enforce the rule of law as well.”

Brewer also took jabs at Obama and the federal government.

“Our border is being erased and our president apparently considers it a wonderful opportunity to divide people along racial lines for his personal political convenience,” she said.

An example of Palin’s “momma grizzlies,” ready and willing to defend the border, while denying the Arizona law will encourage racial profiling. Never mind that it’s the federal government that is supposed to create and enforce immigration policy.

Therein lies the rub. The feds, with Obama now in charge, is hamstrung by a Congress that can’t move forward on securing the borders because of politics. But when you have the chief law enforcement officer parading on Capitol Hill unprepared it looks like you either don’t care about the people’s real troubles along the dangerous border of Mexico, or simply aren’t taking the real issue of border security seriously.

The Arizona law isn’t the answer. However, in an election year will Pres. Obama or the Congress have the will to do anything about it?