Activists from a group called GetEQUAL began shouting at Obama while he was speaking at the podium. They expressed frustration over the slow progress of repealing the ban on openly gay people serving in the military. – Gay rights protesters interrupt Obama speech at fundraiser

Pres. Obama does not like being challenged… especially in public.


Friends over at GayAmericablog provided the visual. Real Clear Politics has the video.

Video of Obama being interrupted by DADT protesters. Obama told the protesters “we already hear ya.” Cute, but not true. Barney Frank has tried to get the White House for one month now to say that it wants DADT repealed this year. Frank has received silence in response.

We’ve been seeing more and more of this side of Barack Obama with his lashing out at the media, as well as him stiffing the press that was clearly planned during the recent “nuclear security summit.” His obvious frustration with right-wing radio, which he lets show far too often. They love it in Rush-Hannity land.

I can only imagine how sick gay and lesbian soldiers are of hearing “I agree” and “we already hear ya” when there’s been no concrete action.

It’s really simple, Mr. President. Quit talking.

Do something.