“…the White House has been very good to me.” – Richard Wolffe

Pres. Obama’s battles with the press lately has prompted the White House to enlist an old favorite. Richard Wolffe, the journalist Obama team’s favorite stenographer is back and he’s ticking people off.

From Michael Calderone, who’s gone from Politico to The Newsroom (h/t DailyCaller):

Most recently, White House reporters have noted with displeasure that Wolffe has been getting access to events alongside the White House pool reporter who is covering the event for all the news organizations in the pool. Julie Mason, a White House reporter for the Washington Examiner, even confronted Wolffe last month when the president was going to talk to the House Democratic Caucus, just before the historic health care vote.

“I was the print pooler, and I told him,’You are not in the pool – you shouldn’t be here,'” Mason recalled. “We did have words, and he invited me to take it up with Robert Gibbs. I asked him if he was now officially working for the administration, which rightly [ticked] him off.”

Mason said that she considers Wolffe a friend but that she objects on principle. “The pool system is for working journalists, and it’s the job of the WHCA to protect the integrity of the pool,” she said. “When the White House gives certain favored journalists permission to join the pool, it subverts the system.”

Barack Obama made Richard Wolffe wealthy, while Keith Olbermann helped make this unethical White House stenographer a well known face.

That he’s being brought back as Pres. Obama ratchets up criticism of the White House press corp isn’t surprising. It’s simply revealing the state of journalism today, as well as Obama’s fall from the presidential pedestal.

Five million first-time voters turned out in 2008, many drawn by Obama’s promise of hope and overwhelmingly voting for Democrats. Now disappointed, or at least apathetic, they may not go to the polls this year.

[…] Gay rights supporters, anti-abortion activists, environmentalists and backers of immigration reform all have seen their agendas stalled, with watered-down healthcare the main accomplishment of Obama’s once-ambitious agenda.