The backdrop for this story is more calls for Sen. John Ensign to resign.

Ensign-Sandoval-Gibbons, Political Triplets

I’ve made no secret how terrific I believe Rory Reid would be for Nevada. I rarely cover state issues, but this video sent in by a longtime reader inspired me. I’ve met Rory, interviewed him, as well as met his beautiful wife. However, it’s not the best time to be a Reid, with Barack Obama definitely on the November ballot in Nevada. Rory is as sharp as they come and would make a huge difference in Nevada’s direction. That goes double when you compare the scandal-ridden Republicans, Gibbons and Sandoval, who are competing against him.

Another thing about Rory Reid is that he’s incredibly unassuming in an age of grandstanding, bombastic bomb throwers. He’s the work horse. His other challenge is he is a die hard Democratic loyalist at a time when all Democrats would be wise to find their inner libertarian independence (or channel mine), if only to survive. This goes double for Nevada, with the worst parts of Obama’s health care plan hurting Democrats, because it goes against the American spirit, which I wrote about the other day. I have no idea if campaigning on the “opt-out” Obamacare provision is practical or would work in Nevada, but given what Rory’s up against, a little distance from dad would make news and do him some good.

Gov. Gibbons was floundering against Brian Sandoval until he decided to go Tea Party and invoke health care. Gibbons is making a bit of a comeback lately by campaigning against the Democratic legislation just passed, including joining the AG lawsuit efforts. But Gibbons ran into a buzz saw, namely his own AG. The reasons for the AG refusal of the governor’s request are pure Gibbons. She’s too busy handling Gibbons’ revolving personal messes:

In rejecting a call by Gibbons to file a legal challenge over the federal health care law, (Attorney General Catherine Cortez) Masto cited time constraints as a factor, including spending time defending Gibbons on personal issues. One case involves a former administration employee who said she was improperly fired from her job in the budget office because Gibbons believed she leaked information about personal text messages sent from his state cell phone.

For those of you who don’t know Gibblons, he made headlines with his creepy garage grab a few years ago. His messy public divorce followed, with his wife accusing him of “infidelity and of using her to foster his political ambitions. …of having affairs with a Playboy model and the estranged wife of a Reno doctor.” Old man Gibbons went to court to keep his “love note” texts from being made public.

As for the governor’s primary opponent, the former Mrs. Gibbons just had Brian Sandoval on her radio show.

But it seems Sandoval is getting dragged into the Ensign affair. One of the people helping Sandoval’s election bid Pete Arnaut, was subpoenaed in the Ensign ethics probe.

A top R&R executive, Pete Ernaut, has been subpoenaed by the Ethics Committee as part of its investigation into Ensign’s extramarital affair with Cindy Hampton, his former campaign treasurer. John Lopez, Ensign’s former chief of staff, who now lobbies for R&R, has been subpoenaed by the Ethics Committee as well.

Another Sandoval big shot, Mike “Karl Rove” Slanker, is also in the headlines and has been subpoenaed by the Feds, as has his wife.

Federal investigators are seeking information on John Lopez, Ensign’s former chief of staff, as well as Mike and Lindsay Slanker…

So, you’ve got Gov. Gibbons, who’s a notorious womanizer and now a Tea Party hero who thinks denying Nevadans health care is a way to go. Then the other choice for Republicans is Brian Sandoval, who has surrounded himself with people being dragged into the Ensign scandal by subpoenas.

The Republicans of Nevada continue their march of shame. The only thing worse would be if one of them ended up governor.

Seriously, Nevadans deserve a lot better. My hubby’s kids and grand kids who live there sure do.