Will you be doing anything to honor the environment today?

I’ll be out along the Potomac path this afternoon doing my part.

One story that caught my eye today is another report on the Tea Party, which again obliterates the notion that it’s packed by independents. It also reiterates what I’ve written about the group, which is they haven’t proven they can win a single election yet, though their beginning in NY-23 was impressive; the presence of Sarah Palin on their side responsible for the spectacle. We’ll have to see whether they’ll manifest results this year and have power beyond 2010.

Bob McDonnell’s win in Virginia came because of an incompetent and unpalatable Democratic opponent, but mostly because McDonnell’s campaign was unidentifiable as to political party; he actually hid his inner Pat Robertson extremism, which broke into the open when he signed his statement honoring the confederacy. Same goes for Scott Brown, who voted for Romneycare but against Obama’s health care bill, even though they’re made from the same cloth. And you can bet New Jersey’s Republican Governor Chris Christie is no teabagger.

Tea Party people are actually quite confused and many of them are misinformed. Taxes are lower under Obama, even by a Bush expert’s standards. Their anger actually starting under Bush, but was ignited under Obama and the Dem’s mismanagement on health care. Tea Party people evidently not remembering that the bailout started under Bush, too. They also forgot that Ronald Reagan once upon a time championed nuclear zero, something that makes you wonder if Reagan would even be a Republican today. It’s doubtful, though it’s undeniable that Reagan’s Southern strategy lives on through birtherism.

From Politico on the Tea Party:

The polling has discovered what the Republican officials who have allied themselves with the tea parties already knew: That the new energy and organization is a function of an inflamed conservative grassroots already basically aligned with one party.

“There is definitely some anger at the GOP over our big spending ways, but generally this is an Obama protest vote,” says Republican strategist Mike Murphy.

Polls indicated that tea party adherents overwhelmingly support GOP candidates. Over 70 percent backed John McCain in 2008, according to POLITICO’s own in-person survey of those who attended the tax day rally in Washington. And a New York Times poll released last week showed that 40 percent of self-identified tea party supporters indicated a desire for a third party — less than the 46 percent of overall respondents to the survey who said they’d like to see an option besides the Republicans and Democrats. [..]

The bigger story is the rise of the independent, which traditional media still hasn’t grasped. It doesn’t fit neatly amidst a country that is now moored in two parties that put political fighting above progress. This may change, because of Charlie Crist’s political dilemma in Florida, especially since there are now reports of big Republican donors committed to backing him, even if he goes independent.

Something to think about as we all enjoy Earth Day, hopefully taking our pleasures into action that actually does something to support our environment.