There’s mutiny afoot in the House. It seems the Pro-Choice Caucus has awakened to the fact that Speaker Pelosi is selling us out yet again.

From The Hill:

[…] Leaders of the Pro-Choice Caucus, some 30 minutes after storming into Pelosi’s office…

“This concurrent resolution which Congressman Stupak and several others have filed, from the position of the people who signed my letter back in November, is a non-starter,” said Rep. Diana DeGette (D-Colo.), a Pro-Choice Caucus co-chairwoman. “We compromised to the concept ‘no federal funding for abortion,’ which is current law — we don’t like that. And so if Mr. Stupak and a few members, along with the Republicans, decide to use this to take healthcare down, then that loss on healthcare coverage is going to be on their hands.”

DeGette said a move allowing the enrollment resolution to go forward would put “somewhere between 40 and 55” pro-abortion rights votes at stake. …

Jane Hamsher has obtained what is reportedly a copy of the “enrollment resolution.”

CNN reporting also that members of the Pro-Choice Caucus, after exiting Pelosi’s office, were “visibly angry about the prospect” about Stupak language being reinserted.

An explanation from The Hill:

Kaptur’s resolution contains the same abortion language that Stupak successfully attached at the 11th hour to the House healthcare bill in November. Were the resolution to pass the House, it would instruct the Senate clerk to change the healthcare bill to reflect Stupak’s more restrictive language to prohibit federal dollars from going toward abortion coverage.

Speaker Pelosi and Rep. Stupak obviously do not believe the Pro-Choice Caucus will let Stupak’s legislative tantrum take down health care; that they’ll cave to his whims, as well as the Speaker’s.

This latest effort for Stupak to get his way is clear indication that he was willing to kill the health care bill all along.

Speaker Pelosi’s clumsy handling of Stupak and the Pro-Choice Caucus is at the center of this latest confrontation; the latter actually representing the majority of the Democratic Party, as well as its platform, while the former gets the grease.

There was never a reason to make abortion such a focal point in the health care debate.

Contrary to the initial rave reviews of Speaker Pelosi (though not around here), she’s the one that blew it and allowed Rep. Stupak to take center stage, to which he’s grown quite accustomed. Pelosi is evidently continuing to feed it.

The Pro-Choice Caucus cannot allow Stupak’s latest legislative gambit to succeed, unless they’re willing to relinquish their political integrity completely.