Speaker Pelosi held what is being called “a small roundtable with bloggers today.” Greg Sargent has a good report on it. One problem. He doesn’t mention that there were no women in attendance. Brian Beutler doesn’t mention it in his reporting either. Matthew Yglesias at least names (some of) the men in attendance. I’ve confirmed it was indeed an all-male meeting.

Chris Bowers at least tweeted there were no women present. According to Bowers, Pelosi said “she kept the public option alive as long as she could.” That it’s “important not to dwell on public option and abortion. Better to focus on the good things in the bill.” Pelosi contended that she “endorses single payer, says she is for the public option. Says she was told there weren’t the votes in the senate.”

So, Speaker Pelosi holds a final push roundtable on health care, cherry-picking the attendance, but no women show up.

Evidently, the men attending, minus Bowers, didn’t notice it; either that or they decided to do Speaker Pelosi a favor by not reporting it. After all, it is rather embarrassing for her.

Meanwhile, MoveOn.org hits a new low. Taking a page from Liz Cheney, they use the “patriotism” charge against people and legislators who simply want a public option, as well as to continue to stand up for women’s rights. Stay classy, MoveOn.