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Gentlemen, this is your day to shine. To show your lady what she means to you; what your relationship means, but more importantly, that you know what she wants.

Ladies, this is your day to do nothing but receive. That is if you’ve done your homework, which begins with letting the man know what you expect of him on Valentine’s Day. If you’ve made the colossal blunder in believing he should know, guess and intuit automatically what will make you happy, well, then if this day is a disaster you have only yourself to blame.

Next, put all your differences aside today. Find some way to connect. Do something fun. Swallow your pride and ego, never an easy task, to wipe the slate clean today and just enjoy the gift of having someone special in your life.

Oh, and if you’ve both blown it, not to worry, just start the day out, guys, by saying to your lady love that it’s her day and whatever she wants you’ll provide. All the woman has to do from there is smile.

See, in the end the only thing a man wants from a woman is to see her happy. It’s his only goal. His diamond. Women need to appreciate that revealing your happiness is a tonic to your man. It’s all he needs… well almost. That last component of physical connection important for all couples, whatever level you can possibly reach. It matters, regardless of age. It’s up to you, ladies. Let go.

…and for you singles, relax. I spent most of my adult life single and was as happy as many couples who didn’t have the right stuff. But if you want a relationship ask for it. You’d be surprised what can happen when you open yourself up.

Happiness isn’t a destination, it’s a choice you make.

Enjoy the day. Consider this a Valentine’s Day free for all. Thanks for making one of the places you come to chat, learn, and debate.

Happy Valentine’s Day.