2010_Blizzard-II_Feb 118

Today began “State of the Union” with Candy Crowley, with one of her guests Sect. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

I’ll add a big note of praise to the political gods and CNN for Ms. Crowley, the first woman ever to anchor an important Sunday news show. Talk about paying your dues. Christiane Amanpour does foreign policy and has a show on CNN too, but Crowley’s debut signals a real first for women. As her show is power politics up against the guys in Sunday morning primetime, talking meat and potato politics. Having written about the sexism on Sunday morning for many years, to finally be able to count a qualified female anchor in the mix is a real it’s about time treat for me.

David Gregory once again provided the gag reflex for Super Bowl brunch. Who does the booking for this guy?

Fox News Sunday had Gov. Sarah Palin fresh from the Tea Party speech, as well as Tea Partier Mark Skoda. Prepare for “birther” questions. Denial of them coming soon.

Oh… and… GO SAINTS.

Consider this a Super Bowl Sunday free for all.