“I’m reluctant to second-guess the military in this regard. When the chiefs come forward and say, ‘We think we can do it,’ then it strikes me that it’s — it’s time to reconsider the policy.” – Dick Cheney, former vice president


Candidate Obama pledged to do it. Pres. Obama promised to do it, renewing his promise at the State of the Union. Enough talk, it’s time for action. But it’s obvious good people won’t do the right thing unless pushed; that is pushed even harder, as people have been clamoring that Obama act for over a year now.

The picture here is the F-15E Strike Eagle, what Lt. Col. Fehrenbach has been flying since 1998, an American hero facing a military discharge and loss of his pension for being gay. My uncle Dick, a WWII pilot, would not be pleased.

John Aravosis and Joe Subday are leading a blog swarm today, with a message to the Human Right’s Campaign. TM.com is joining in.

As long-timers around here know, I very seldom ask for you to make calls or send emails. This is one instance where I’m asking every single person to reach out to the HRC. We all need to bring all pressure to bear on Pres. Obama.

It’s time for Barack Obama to put action where his words have been for over a year, with never ending promises, but no concrete action from him.

From John Aravosis and my friend Joe Subday:


Publicly demand that President Obama take the lead in getting DADT repealed this year.

1) That means the President needs to state publicly that he wants Congress to repeal DADT this year; and

2) The President needs to take the lead in working with Congress to make sure the repeal happens.

HRC Front Desk: (202) 628-4160
TTY: (202) 216-1572
Toll-Free: (800) 777-4723

HRC Web site and comment page.
General membership email at hrc: membership@hrc.org

Other new media organizations and individuals joining in the DADT blog swarm include Joe Sudbay and John Aravosis, AMERICAblog; Pam Spaulding, Pam’s House Blend; Michelangelo Signorile, Sirius OutQ & the Gist; Markos Moulitsas, DailyKos; Andy Towle, TowleRoad; Joe Jervis, Joe My God; BIll Browning, Bilerico; and Dan Savage, Slog.

This is for Lieutenant Colonel Victor J. Fehrenbach, a 25 million-dollar hero.


Lieutenant Colonel Victor J. Fehrenbach a fighter weapons systems officer, has been flying the F-15E Strike Eagle (pictured above) since 1998. He has flown numerous missions against Taliban and al-Qaida targets, including the longest combat mission in his squadron’s history. On that infamous September 11, 2001, Lt. Col. Fehrenbach was handpicked to fly sorties above the nation’s capital. Later he flew combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. He has received at least 30 awards and decorations including nine air medals, one of them for heroism, as well as campaign medals for Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq. He is now a flight instructor in Idaho, where he has passed on his skills to more than 300 future Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force weapons systems officers. Aubrey Sarvis, Executive Director of the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network

Fehrenback represents to me all the other gay men and women who serve our country, including in support positions, all of whom deserve to walk proudly for who they are without being asked to hide in shame.

If a person can put their life on the line for our country, they deserve to serve openly.

Call, email and contact HRC today. Then tell two friends to do the same. Tweet this post, whatever you can to join in.

Do it for our military, who deserves to have the best of the best standing on the line for this country.