I’m sorry about the headline, but I’ve just had it.

It’s hard to know what to do with the daily embarrassment that has become Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid’s misadventures. But this week we’ve got multiple mishaps from which to choose.

Reid says Joe Lieberman “double-crossed” him on health care. From the New York Times magazine preview:

“He double-crossed me,” Reid said stiffly, associates later recounted. “Let’s not do what he wants. Let the bill just go down.” – Adam Nagourney

Seriously, any Democrat claiming they were “double-crossed” by Joe Lieberman is simply unfit to lead school boys through a candy store, let alone the United States Senate.

But wait! There’s more. Brian Beutler reported yesterday that Reid said it was “a waste of time” dealing with Olympia Snowe, also in the magazine preview. Brian saying of Reid’s assessment: Still, that’s unusually blunt language. It could easily raise eyebrows. Oh, please, “raise eyebrows”? Honestly.

What Beutler should have pointed out is that Reid was wrong to have ever followed Obama’s lead of bipartisanship over the cliff. Turning the reader’s gaze towards the ringleader of the health care debacle playing out, Barack Obama, who has conducted the bipartisan waltz the entire first year of his presidency only to end up with a disgruntled nation and a near mutiny in his party.

Reid’s position in Nevada is as close to untenable as you can get without being kicked out of your majority leader position before votes are cast. But even if he pulls out a miracle, he should be done as leader.