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I wanted to add something about this race. I’m 100% behind Ms. Coakley, but the scene outside Sonoma restaurant the other night, an upscale, wonderful wine bar that I’ve been to many times, is indicative of the heat right now coming from the right. A video of a “reporter” getting pushed to the ground by someone on Coakley’s staff, which means to me the point was to get something just like this captured on tape. But the race’s most important moment recently came in the debate from State Sen. Scott Brown’s, which I believe channels the mood of voters across the country right now. When David Gergen asked if Brown was ready to scuttle health care for the next 15 years, because that’s what is believed to be the fate if it’s not passed now, Gergen also invoked the Massachusett’s Senate seat currently in play as “Teddy Kennedy’s seat.” Brown countered that it wasn’t Kennedy’s seat it is “the people’s seat.”

The headwind Coakley is currently feeling has its foundation in that very sentiment. In off-year elections there is always an ambivalence about incumbents, but this year it goes to anyone who is seen as part of the Democratic establishment. With the economy and the thought of a giant health care bill, especially one as bad and to most people, mysterious as the Democrats have currently concocted, it’s making people turn away from anyone with connections to who’s responsible. Coakley is establishment and it’s playing against her.

This quote, via Greg Sargent, who has the memo on the emergency in Massachusetts:

“It’s a little frightening how much traction he’s been able to get so quickly…” – Martha Coakley

Democrats are “having trouble moving independents.”

The other issue is that conservative groups are moving in and spending big money on negative ads. One group is Club for Growth. In this atmosphere, the economic message could be deadly in the last days. There will be massive political indictments if Scott Brown continues to close.

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