“My message to these groups who are inexplicably offended by a pro-woman, pro-child, pro-life message airing during the Super Bowl: please concentrate on empowering women, help with efforts to prevent unexpected pregnancies, stay consistent with your message that for too long women have been made to feel like sex objects in our ‘modern’ culture and that we can expect better in 2010.” – Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin corners NOW in the statement she made above. Stay consistent with your message Sarah preens.

NOW’s president responds:

“The goal of the Focus on the Family ad is not to empower women. It’s to create a climate in which Roe v. Wade can be overturned,” O’Neill said. “There are always going to be women who need abortions. In this country, one in three women will have an abortion. Focus on the Family has cynically set it up so they can say anyone who disagrees with airing this ad is disrespecting one woman and her choice. NOW respects every woman’s right to plan her own family and insists our laws do the same,” said O’Neill. – Politico

Dear NOW, run your own damn ad.

Is that so hard? Or can’t NOW raise the cash to put their own ad on the air? I think this question should be answered, because if not, it reveals what’s shifted in our culture recently that allowed Stupak to happen in the first place. The majority of women feel no threat that Roe will be overturned.

The vast majority of young women completely disinterested in the reproductive fight. When you look at the scientific advances on birth control, including the Morning After pill, women with means have what they need at their fingertips to take care of themselves.

The part of Sarah Palin’s message, however, that is ridiculous is that women can easily manifest having kids and a career without paying a price. Sarah has a lot of help, which isn’t the norm. On her Facebook page (also see Noogan’s diary “In the New”) she goes into great detail about it, joining the Mika Brzezinski in the You Can Have It All crowd that is not realistic at all. Life is about choices, with women paying when they choose “all of the above,” especially when it’s all at once (unless you happen to have Mika’s money).

As for the Super Bowl, any sports fan who thinks advocacy ads should be banned from the biggest day in football certainly have a gripe, though it’s hardly going to be the ruination of sports fun as we know it. Is this country so insane that people can’t ignore commercials anymore?

Also see Noogan’s diary “In the News.”

ManCrunch is trying to get into the action, though CBS hasn’t decided if gay guys making out in football jerseys is something that meets their standards, regardless of the big buck price tag it takes to be seen during the Super Bowl. (–update– CBS has rejected the ad.)