I am disgusted and I thought they couldn’t top the World Trade Center gaffe.

Into this Pres. Obama will walk tomorrow. Like I said yesterday, it’s just too raw for the President to put himself in the middle of this mix. It diminishes him, especially with the latest from Greg Sargent. It is the same law that people used against Joe Lieberman, with the tactic straight out of dirty politics 101. (Using Brown’s vote against him, which is fine, that would have disallowed the usage of the morning-after pill to rape victims in emergency rooms, but there’s got to be a better way to do it.) Now, I love a good political fight, all things fair and all, but someone should tell Democrats that you draw the line on using rape victims in a mailer. Or maybe that’s just my delicate sensibilities.

If this is what is being sent out by Democrats in Massachusetts to obviously help Martha Coakley bring affluent and suburban women, regardless of parties, to the polls on Tuesday. She’s finished, whether she wins or not.

Let’s just hope the White House had nothing to do with this, not even giving a nod, though I wouldn’t put anything past David Axelrod.