A Democratic operative familiar with the get-out-the-vote push by Martha Coakley’s team and boosted late in the game by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, says that outreach workers in and around Boston have been stunned by the number of Democrats and Obama supporters who are waving them off, saying they’ll vote for Scott Brown. – Glenn Thrush

via TheDailyCaller (h/t BillB)

The Massachusetts campaign is indicative of Democratic politics today, which is in shambles.

It doesn’t matter that Thrush couches it as “a” Democratic operative, it fits the mood.

Of course, Axelrod would have to give a nod to Scott Brown, playing analyst, which is my job not his, and does it long before the polls are closed and people are finished voting, no less. The guy has nothing on Mark Penn.

“As a practitioner in politics, my hat’s off to him,” Axelrod said.

Robert Gibbs joins Mr. Axelrod’s classlessness. I’m obviously working too hard, as it was not Gibbs (apologies for the inadvertent slap at Gibbs), but Axelrod who topped his own classlessness, not surprisingly.

“The White House did everything we were asked to do,” he said. “I think if we had been asked earlier, we would have responded earlier.”

The king at 1600 has to be asked to stump for the woman trying to retain Ted Kennedy’s seat and the 60th Senate vote? Seriously?

Obama’s two top men basically admitting Coakley is going to lose before the day is done is something I haven’t seen from a sitting Democratic president’s team, ever. That’s not what a Democratic White House is supposed to do while one of their own is in the fight of her life. But it does start the CYA rolling.

Axelrod and Gibbs are to Coakley what Rahm Emanuel is to liberalism. The tolling bell.

I just can’t take it anymore, so let’s have some fun, before the senseless spin of this travesty begins.

The looming question, Who’s right?

Washington, D.C. doyenne, Sally Quinn, calls Brown “a hunk.”

Keith Olbermann calls him a “irresponsible, homophobic racist, reactionary, ex-nude model, teabagging supporter of violence against women and against politicians with whom he disagrees. … bad joke.”

Joe Scarborough goes after Keith Olberman on Twitter, then on “Morning Joe,” though he didn’t invoke Keith’s name.

And George Stephanopoulos asks if we’re on the verge of the “upset of the century?”

And I don’t know about anyone else, but I find it immensely entertaining that the right-wing religious conservative Republicans may elect a former Cosmo winner of “America’s Sexiest Man” contest, complete with cropped naked photo from the Reagan year of 1982, in a state that has been dominated for a century by Kennedy clan hunks.

The floor is yours. That is if you’re not speechless at this point.

“It’s not that the Democrats are playing checkers and the Republicans are playing chess. It’s that the Republicans are playing chess and the Democrats are in the nurse’s office because once again they glued their balls to their thighs.”Jon Stewart