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Now that Vicki Kennedy is out and the door is “closed and locked,” according to ABC’s Stephanopolous, more work is still to be done to fulfill Ted Kennedy’s wish of an interim appointment before the special election set in January.

Amid fevered speculation about possible contenders for Senator Edward M. Kennedy’s seat, Gov. Deval Patrick on Monday scheduled a special election for Jan. 19 and said he would keep pushing the state legislature to change the law so he could name an interim successor.

… “I don’t think by any means it’s a certainty that it will happen,” Mr. Patrick said. “I think that they are trying to find a path from here to there to honor the very reasonable request of Senator Kennedy.” …

Yesterday Patrick wouldn’t say whether Vicki Kennedy would run in the special election, an interesting note, though no one should count on it.

This seems to set up a likely Michael Dukakis entry to be appointed to the interim slot, if the Legislature gets the bill through, something all Democrats are hoping.

UPDATE: Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley moves to run for Kennedy seat.

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