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Glenn Beck’s Un-American Slander

Just imagine what would happen if Obama was a conservative and a liberal let fly with such vitriol.

Watching Beck lean back, so comfortable on that couch. He gives the impression of a man on the rise with nothing to fear or to lose. That on Fox he’s found his place. One has to wonder if there will be any consequences for Beck over his un-American slander of the President of the United States.

MSNBC’s Donnie Deutsch slammed Glenn Beck today, then made an excellent suggestion. Write the advertisers of Beck’s show. Tell them that you don’t appreciate his un-American slander of the President of the United States. His advertisers, in part: General Motors, Campbell Soup, Chrysler, Proctor & Gamble, Pfizer, Kellogg, Walmart, Kraft Foods, Nestle. A diarist over at DailyKos has compiled the email addresses, phone numbers, names of top execs. and a lot more.

This is not a boycott, but a statement to these advertisers that they should advertise on another show. At least that was Deutsch’s point, which I think is a good one. Simply let the advertiser know that this type of heinous vitriol against the President of the United States should not be supported with advertising.

Instead of advertising on Beck’s show, suggest they move to Shep Smith, someone who at least has a brain and some balance.

Nobody is saying everyone has to agree with what the President says or proposes. But anyone saying Pres. Obama is “a racist” is purposely being divisive and even incendiary at a time when rhetoric on the right is getting hotter by the day.

That Beck is also ignoring the great American story of the rise of the first African American to become president, well, that should get Beck shunned by everyone.

To give you an idea of how over the top Glenn Beck is with this slander, Fox News Channel distanced themselves from him, saying Beck was sharing his personal opinion.

As I watched this I also began wondering about Beck himself, who is a Mormon. A church that didn’t recognize African Americans to be fit for the priesthood and many other things in the church until 1978. As my husband is a recovering Mormon, having gone through the trouble to take his name off the roles, I’ve learned a lot about that church (also having bad experiences with a few). Though I have also met wonderful people of the Mormon faith who are anything but racist. However, I obviously still have great objections to their imbedded sexism in keeping women in their place, so to speak; but I feel the same about the Baptist religion, as well as Catholicism, which is why I’m Episcopalian. However, with Beck’s vicious accusation about Obama being “a racist,” it’s obvious he missed a lesson or two about racial tolerance. Missed the moment when his own church walked away from their racism, welcoming African Americans into the temples. The implied bigotry in Glenn Beck’s remark is so alarmingly stark it can lead to only one conclusion. Maybe Glenn Beck is the one who’s actually racist. His Mormon brethren should call him on it.

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