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Budget Reviews: Obama Wins


I know I’ve said it before, but what a week for the American President.

… as well as Democrats, because as you’ll see below, there was nary a Republican to be found.

We’re also learning about Obama’s crisp reminder to bank executives, which came via anonymous sources, but provides a delicious quote of the day. Obama to bank execs:

“My administration is the only thing between you and the pitchforks.” – President Obama (via Politico)


The Wall Street Journal takes aim at Al Gore on “cap and collapse,” as they see it. I know, you’re shocked.

Washington Post says not so fast, but no one should expect cap and trade to come easily. No doubt Al Gore knows this all too well.

Love or hate the budget, it was a winner for Obama and his administration. But they sure do own it now. What do you think?

New York Times: A lesson that bipartisanship can’t happen with Republicans. Budget “Viewed As A Victory For The New White House, Particularly Because Most Moderate And Conservative Democrats Went Along.”

Wall Street Journal: “President’s Priorities on Health Care, Energy and Education Are Intact.” … “A Significant Victory.”

Christian Science Monitor: “Obama gets budget passed. Fast? Yes. Bipartisan? Nope”

New York Daily News: A “Political Victory” For The President.

Bloomberg: “Got A Pair Of Wins On Capitol Hill As The House And Senate Approved Drafts Of His 2010 Budget Plan That Largely Adhere To The Administrations Priorities.”

New York Times: The House Budget Voted “…actually reflected a strong show of Democratic support for the budget, since it often barely passes. It was the first time in a dozen years that a budget had received more than 230 votes.”

Politico: “House vote surpassed the size of budget victories for either party over the last decade.”

New York Times: “House Democrats easily defeated Republican alternatives and won backing for their budget from all segments of their party, from conservative Blue Dogs to urban liberals.”

Democrats are definitely flexing their muscles. The New York governor even succeeded in kicking Rush out of New York. It’s an excuse to sit on his posterior in Florida, sulking, no doubt, after Ed Schultz got the MSNBC gig.

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