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Tom Ricks Blackballed at Army War College

Ricks tells a disturbing tale that reveals a lot about the cost of criticizing the Iraq war, just as Bush trumpets it as his great success.

Did faculty members at the Army War College curtail their criticism of the Iraq war for fear of institutional retaliation?

[...] When I asked him why he would urge his colleagues to shun me, he quickly apologized via e-mail and explained that it had to do with the political climate at the college back then. In fact, he explicitly blamed the strained relationship between the Army and its civilian overseers under then-Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. “[A]t the time — with growing sensitivity to criticism by Rumsfeld and the Army’s attempt to make peace with Rumsfeld after Shinseki left — several members of SSI had been verbally flogged after interviews with you when the stories portrayed [sic] as more critical of the administration than we intended. We were worried about what might happen to SSI, even frightened for the organization. Many of us, including me, simply stopped doing interviews. Luckily, the climate eventually changed.” …

The cascade of truth hidden during Bush-Cheney is just beginning to flow.

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