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Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter, Sisters in Victimology

via Politico

Oh, it wasn’t her unpreparedness!

It wasn’t Sarah’s glassy eyed look when Charles Gibson asked her about the Bush doctrine.

It wasn’t her inability to name one newspaper she read.

It wasn’t because she talked about Putin rearing his head and… what was it? Coming over Alaska’s air space?

But hell must have frozen, because Sarah Palin actually gets something correct. Caroline Kennedy is getting an easy pass from the media, or at least was until her you know moments burst on to the scene. Now Kennedy is trailing Cuomo by a mile, according to PPP.

Still, Sarah’s like Ann Coulter who continually whines her way on to the best seller list… and on to NBC. I did a long piece a while back on the brilliance of Coulter’s ability to make big money peddling manure. Remains to be seen if Palin can make victimhood her financial salvation, but she’s sure giving it a go.

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