With XM’s Deep Tracks blasting Steve Winwood’s rendition of “Why can’t we all live together,” off we road.

The natural splendor of Red Rock is one of the tonics that has kept me sane in the cement neon jungle out here in Nevada, after being marooned since I couldn’t get my radio show back on the air. The natural beauty of it this Christmas, however, was simply stunning. Snow does that to mountains, no matter their size. It also seemed like a beautiful send off for us, as we plan to move into new territory, something I’ll share soon.

Hopefully you’ve been enjoying the holiday, with the New Year fast approaching, as we ring in the festivities in a big way across this country. The last year we have to endure an Administration that has sacked America’s image, while ignoring real challenges we face.

It’s been one of the most fantastic, surprising and back breaking years of my professional life. So many wonderful twists for me, for which I’m eternally grateful. The hope I have for the New Year, however, exceeds anything I’ve dreamt about previously. High expectations define it.

What are you hoping for next year, personally and otherwise? It’s a good time to talk about it.