A New York Daily News columnist said “the wheels of the bandwagon are
coming off.” – AP

What a cool customer New York Governor Paterson has turned out to be. Because at the end of this, if Caroline Kennedy does not get appointed to the Senate, one big reason will be because of Gov. Paterson’s calm, unwavering strength to do absolutely nothing in the face of a lot of Democratic elite pressure to pick the Kennedy. His ability to do nothing and wait has allowed the clock to tick, giving Mrs. Kennedy time to make her case. Unfortunately, the more people hear from her the worse her reviews get.

um… like, you know. I mean, wow. What an interview. I lost count at around 140 “you knows.”

It might not be the unraveling, but when Rep. Rangel caused a media kerfuffle saying Paterson had made the choice, then used “he” to describe that choice, speculation ran amok.

Now comes the drip, drip, drip, of Kennedy’s, you know, um… clueless case for herself, which has turned into a late entry for embarrassment of the year. She’s not exactly Sarah Palin, but, um… you know, because Sarah Palin could at least string sentences toge— Oh, never mind. This has gotten way too weird.

CK: Have you guys ever thought about writing for, like, a woman’s magazine
or something? (Laughter)

DH: What do you have against women’s magazines?

CK: Nothing at all, but I thought you were the crack political team here.
As I said, it was kind of over a period of time, you know, obviously we talked
about politics, we talked about what’s going on, we’ve been watching
the team that the president-elect is putting together — Hillary Clinton
is going to be a spectacular part of that team, you know, then there was a
vacancy here, you know, just like everybody else, you know: who’s going
to fill it, isn’t that interesting, there’s a lot of great candidates,
you know, obviously I have become much more politically involved than I have
in the past, so you know, I figure, why not try, I really think I have something
to offer.

Um… okay. Whatever.

Now I don’t care who gets the Senate seat in New York, but the celebrity angle
embodied in Caroline Kennedy wanting the job wouldn’t be so insulting if she
didn’t speak like, you know, some teenager trying to figure out
how to, um… well, you know, lie her way through a job interview.

There’s an old saying. Fake it ’til you make it. Caroline Kennedy hasn’t even
been able to fake it. So as Governor Paterson stands patiently by he’s likely set himself up to make the choice he actually wants, not the choice the Democratic elite are pushing on him. But as things go in American politics that could still mean another Senator Kennedy, regardless of, you know, the case she’s made for herself.