ABC broke the story first. Now NBC confirms the suspicions. But that’s only part of the story being spun right now, which includes some political writers using it as a twofer, doing all they can to smear Obama with Blago as well.

Frankly, I’m not a fan of Jackson and never have been. I find him arrogant and sexist, with an image that reminds me of everything that’s wrong about politics today. Evidently, he’s also stupid, allowing ambition to trump ethics, something that would never fly anywhere near President-elect Obama.

However, that’s not the story being spun right now. The Politico is up to the usual guilt by association tricks with headlines and story lines like this: “Big risks for Obama in Blago scandal.” According to whom? Barack Obama is nowhere in the Blago complaint. The only relationship is that Obama is from Chicago. Guilt by association is what traditional media loves to whip up, so considering Politico was started by two traditional reporters it’s fitting that one of the first headlines to come out is Obama’s connection to… Blago? No, to Chicago.

Obama used Jackson as one of his main spokespeople during the primary season, which was a horrific decision, in my opinion.

However, Obama has no connection to Blago’s troubles, except in the political fiction writers’ minds represented by Politico (and John Dickerson at Slate), which no doubt will be picked up by others. Remember, this is the same group that whipped up all the drama they could spin on HRC possibly becoming secretary of state. Reader beware.

Also look out for a full court press by Republicans later today on Obama’s connections in Chicago. The RNC is doing a conference call on it to prepare their bloggers for a frontal assault. The goal is to weaken Obama through Blago and all things Chicago. Evidently, Politico has simply decided to get a jump on them.