This has been the most incredibly rewarding year, with next year sure to bring many opportunities. Of course, I’m still not on the air, but never say never, baby. People have often said I’m the very definition of tenacious. It’s not over until it’s over.

Going from neutral observer to Hillary advocate was never planned, but it was the most satisfying, justified, happy, yet back breaking moments in my political memory. No one deserved support more than Hillary. It all paid off too, even when some abandoned our goals. Because the people who stuck with Hillary all the way to wholeheartedly supporting Barack Obama were well justified, as was witnessed through his nod to her for secretary of state, which revealed the strong national security policy President Obama will implement that has as its core component muscular diplomacy and outreach. Watching it all play out in 2009 will be remarkable, no matter what unfolds.

So, obviously, there are way too many pictures to share, even in these small shots, but here are a few from a year I’ll never forget. Thanks to everyone who shared much of it with me.

Clinton on the stump.

Day of interview with Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame.

Time out to visit dear friends in Los Angeles, the place I call home.

Women’s event for Hillary in D.C.
(Compliments of a generous friend’s invitation, someone who chose to split with me, as did others, creating a moment when I once again became a favorite target in blog posts, complete with blaring headlines featuring my name and nothing nice.)

The late Stephanie Tubbs Jones, along with Chelsea Clinton and Mrs. Rodham.

To Denver: The greatest road trip evah!
…a time when I fell in love with Colorado.

Clinton releases her delegates. Collective kitty implosion followed.

DEM CONVENTION: The view from the NBC sky booth.

Rock star alert. William Jefferson Clinton strolls by outside the NBC sky booth. Journalists and reporters from all quarters around me scurried to get his picture.

The view from the NBC sky booth.
(Thanks to Al-Jazeera English and NBC.)
If I told you what happened on this particular day you wouldn’t believe it. That I could get my hair to do anything after the day I had was a frickin’ miracle.

Invesco Field.

Invesco Field.

by “Eck & Scan”

“Truman Named To Run With F.D.R.; Victory Credited To Hanngean”
During a trip to to see my big brother, the man who introduced me to politics as a kid, we stopped by Hanngegan’s on Laclede’s Landing in St. Louis. What a wonderful display of Democratic history awaits in the far back corners of this restaurant. If you’re ever there have a beer and take a look.

Our relocation tour took us across the west to San Francisco and beyond, to the Pacific Northwest. …and now it’s over. It’s been a long journey. I’ll announce our new city on News Years Day.