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Palin and Chambliss, A Perfect Political Fit


This is just too perfect. Considering Palin’s “pallin’ around with terrorists” rhetoric against Obama, it’s absolutely fitting that she’s heading to Georgia. Eager, ready and willing to campaign for the GOP’s number one swiftboater.

Saxby Chambliss is taking a page out of Curt Weldon’s playbook. Independently, I worked hard for Joe Sestak during his first election push, especially when Weldon went after Sestak, using his daughter’s life threatening brain tumor to do it. I framed the note Representative Sestak sent to me after he won. (We also had a nice chat after he fulfilled the promise to his daughter to take her to Disney World.) Class act, all the way around. Chambliss is doing the same type of thing to Jim Martin.

Martin’s daughter was once kidnapped. Chambliss, in his effort to win at all costs, is currently benefiting from ads attacking Martin for not protecting Georgia’s families. Honestly, Chambliss has no shame. I won’t post Chambliss’ despicable ad, which is funded by the swiftboaters over at Freedom Watch, who will soon be defunct. You can see it yourself over at Think Progress.

At this point Chambliss is ahead. Martin’s still got a tough road to win, but it can be done. Returning Chambliss to the Senate would be as offensive as the first time he won using Saddam and bin Laden against war hero and three-limb amputee Max Cleland. But Sarah Palin is only proud to help make it happen.

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