via ABC News

becomes responsible not only for overseeing military operations
in Iraq, where he still views recent gains as extremely fragile, but for a
strategic crescent that includes Afghanistan, where violence has increased
markedly since last year. The area of responsibility also includes Pakistan,
Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and the former Soviet republics of Central

After the U.S. Raid in Syria, the first ever, I found this story quite interesting.

Apparently Gen. David Petraeus does not agree with the Bush administration
that the road to Damascus is a dead end.

ABC News has learned, Petraeus proposed visiting Syria shortly after taking
over as the top U.S. commander for the Middle East….

This was before the strike. Evidently, the politically astute Petraeus wanted
to drive a wedge between Syria and Iran. Now, the strike has complicated everything.

Adding weight to Petraeus’ argument is outgoing Israeli PM Olmert who also wants to engage Syria, at least indirectly.

Ironically, though some progressives will be reticent to accept Petraeus’ motives,
he actually might do very well under an Obama administration, which is going
to be pressing hard on engagement, with the military turning its focus, shifting around 30-50,000 troops to Afghanistan, on which I agree. A policy that also
irks some progressives.

Though let’s be clear. Military presence in Afghanistan isn’t enough. The real issue is Pakistan, which Obama knows all too well, as does Joe Biden. On that note, another strike in Pakistan has been reported by the BBC.