Lady Lynn Speaks

Oh, I just cannot stop laughing. Rush has been had. He’s still believing the
kitties can save McCain.

Now, another thing, the last caller is a fed-up old Democrat, wants to go
with McCain. McCain’s worked with Democrats, doesn’t like Obama, thinks Obama
is a socialist, thinks Obama is an extremist. Talking about the gut here.
Talk about information overload. You don’t know what to believe anymore. One
of the websites that I track is called HillBuzz. Well, it’s
Now, this is a website ostensibly run by a bunch of women who want Obama to
lose so that Hillary will have a chance in 2012. You ought to see this site.
I mean, they’ve got McCain winning Iowa, they’ve got McCain winning Maine,
they’ve got McCain winning New Hampshire, they’ve got him winning Ohio, they’ve
got him winning Florida, on the basis that the media is not uncovering the
depth of anger in the Democrat Party at Obama. And one of the reasons that
these babes at Hill Buzz — this is what they say. Now, I’m your host. I gotta
digest all this, and it’s a website, I don’t know who these people are, and
I don’t know if what they’re saying is true. It’s anecdotal information on
a website.

regurgitates it.

What if it’s really close? [Lisa Schiffren]

Rush Limbaugh highlighted this yesterday, and it’s subsequently getting picked
up on the blogosphere today. It is, putatively, the work of a repentant Hillary
staffer who moved to the Obama campaign and is appalled by what she’s learned
of their deviousness and scheming, and a little ashamed of the way they tried
to destroy Sarah Palin. The piece is not sourced — so it’s not clear
who wrote it, or, therefore, the goal. But it makes two interesting points;
one, that the O campaign understood Palin as an asset rather than a drag from
the start. Two — that, according to internal polls, many swing states
are much closer than public polls indicate, some perhaps leaning right, partly
because conservatives don’t talk to pollsters — on the phone or at the
exit. The perhaps real blogger makes the clearly true point that there has
been a concerted effort to psych out Republicans and suppress McCain votes.
Not entirely new news — but an interesting, telling summary….

Denial on steroids.

Even if McCain could pull out a miracle win, it wouldn’t be because of anti
Obama Clintonites. All of us, to the tune of 99.9%, are voting O-Biden. …and nobody has worked harder than Hillary, with her efforts culminating in over $10 million for Obama, the strongest performance of any near nominee in Democratic political history.