Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, Sarah Palin does it yet again. With the bailout bust, this isn’t getting as much attention, but it should. Jeffrey Goldberg at the Atlantic Monthly posted it early today.
The URL says it all: Sarah
Palin’s Terrifying Ignorance
. It’s yet another edition of American politicians’
favorite game: “Who
is more pro Israel?”
Mind you, it’s not about real support,
but that kind of support that doesn’t do anyone any good, least of all Israel.

Cue Katie Couric yet again, who is slowly and finally earning her anchor’s

KATIE COURIC: “What happens if the goal of democracy doesn’t
produce the desired outcome? In Gaza, the U.S. pushed hard for elections and
Hamas won.”

SARAH PALIN: “Yeah, well especially in that region, though,
we have to protect those who do seek democracy and support those who seek
protections for the people who live there.
What we’re seeing
in the last couple of days here in New York is a President of Iran, Ahmadinejad,
who would come on our soil and express such disdain for one of our closest
allies and friends, Israel … and we’re hearing the evil that he
speaks and if hearing him doesn’t allow Americans to commit more solidly
to protecting the friends and allies that we need, especially there in the
Mideast, then nothing will.”

Shorter: Be sure to support Hamas because they won the elections fair and square,
never mind that Bush forced it on them before they were ready. Read “The
Gaza Bombshell.”
It gives you all the miserable low points of our current
president’s meddling.

One post from
has enough info in it to educate even Sarah Palin, if she’d only use
The Google. Condoleezza Rice was another Republican femme left with her face
hanging out. Flashback:
“I’ve asked why nobody saw it coming,” Ms. Rice said, speaking
of her own staff. “It does say something about us not having a good enough
Insert picture of Palin here.

Oh, but not to worry. Sarah really does support Israel. Via

“The only flag at my office is an Israeli flag.” – Sarah

This is utterly terrifying.