Ambinder has the quote that kills:

I put my campaign on hold for a couple days last week to fight for a rescue plan that put you and your economic security first. I fought for a plan that protected taxpayers, homeowners, consumers and small business owners.

I went to Washington last week to make sure that the taxpayers of Ohio and across this great country were not left footing the bill for mistakes made on Wall Street and in Washington.

Some people have criticized my decision, but I will never, ever be a president who sits on the sidelines when this country faces a crisis. Some of you may have noticed, but it’s not my style to simply “phone it in.”

Cue the whining. Waaaaaaah.

McCain might want his words back now. He’s in deep trouble. After making a big stink about saving the economy, he couldn’t help deliver his own party. Now his words ring out, as he couldn’t lead Republicans to do their share.

“We entered into those discussions in the spirit of bipartisanship,
with the understanding that each side would have half of our votes to pass
the bill. Today, when the legislation came to the floor, the Democratic side
more than lived up to its side of the bargain. While the legislation may have
failed, the crisis is still with us. …” – Speaker Pelosi

But get this, the Republican leadership is blaming Speaker Nancy Pelosi (here’s her speech) for the bailout going
bust. Poor Republicans. Nancy Pelosi talked mean to them.

“I am appalled. … Here’s the story. There’s a terrible crisis affecting
the American economy. We have come together on a bill to alleviate the crisis.
And because somebody hurt their feelings they decide to punish the country.
… .. We don’t believe they had the votes and we believe they’re covering
up the embarrassment for not having the votes. Somebody hurt my feelings so
I will punish the country. … I’ll make an offer. Give me those twelve people’s
names and I’ll talk uncharacteristically nice to them.”
– Rep. Barney Frank

Boehner made a fool of himself today. McCain failed miserably.

Flashback to last week.

Bailout plan is floated, as Paulson freaks out, while forgetting to actually sell the plan. Bush makes a horrendously negative
speech, which included in it his explaining the strength of capitalism, while trying to
push a bailout of it. Irony wasn’t lost on many of us.

Then… John McCain suspends his campaign to come running to Washington on
his white horse to save our economy and make sure the bailout is worked out, threatening not to debate if the deal isn’t done.
Never mind that it took him hours and hours to get to D.C. and when he did he
basically gave the House Republicans what they needed: cover.

The only way this bailout was going to work out is if both sides served up
enough votes to pass it.

Pelosi delivered the Democrats, at least enough to get it passed on her part.

Boehner had to deliver his side. McCain came to help, to make sure this happened. In the end it didn’t. McCain couldn’t deliver.

Chris Matthews said it best today. He worked for Tip O’Neill back in the day,
so he knows a bit about how this works. Can a “maverick” lead? That’s what he came in to do last week, but the result was on display today. He couldn’t get enough Republicans to get the bailout done. Matthews blamed McCain for the failure to get the bailout done.

That’s the politics. This isn’t over. But it’s up to the Republicans.

However, tomorrow is Rosh Hashanah, so many members won’t be around. Happy New Year.