Oh dad, geez. Let me do this one on my own. (…or would that be grandpa?) He even interrupts to save Sarah from “gotcha” journalist Katie Couric.

That’s a new job qualification for president. Babysitting your vice presidential nominee so she doesn’t step in it. Again.

Recently I wrote about John McCain’s naked sexism, how he and his campaign are muzzling Palin, not letting her speak. But now she’s become such a disaster that he has to sit next to her to protect her from the media.

Can you imagine Hillary Clinton allowing anyone to hold her hand in a big interview?

Sarah Palin keeps dragging women backwards, further and further back into the 20th century.

It’s like watching a 1970s reel of a woman being given a chance at a position, because that’s what you’re supposed to do, even though the female is in over her head and has no business being in the position she’s been gifted. I thought we were beyond this by now.

I also understand that everyone is trying not to lower the bar too much for Thursday’s vice presidential debate. All I can hope is that Biden lets Palin talk… and talk and talk. She’ll end up tying herself in a word blizzard of spin and political slogans that will require a road map to find her way out.