VOTE FAILS: 228 NO to 205 yes

This morning I did an interview with the Washington Times about the current bailout that just failed in the House. The reporter, who I’ve talked to many times, talked about right-wing radio listeners going berserk over the bailout. She wanted to know how my listeners were taking it. After I told her my show was on hiatus, she asked about my readers. I simply said that nothing has succeeded in uniting the people more than this bailout. Everyone is pissed at Congress. Liberals don’t like it either.

Evidently House members got the message, because they’re not wading in.

Someone still needs to answer the question of why this bailout is suddenly so urgent.

Why are Democrats so eager to bail out Bush & Co.?

Cue Glenn Greenwald.

On to plan b… Capitol Hill torture, aka arm twisting to get it done. Will it work? Depends on how the markets react. If they stabilize themselves eventually, after bouncing around, on the reality that the American people aren’t buying the bailout, we just might get out of this without more political extortion.