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Whipping up the Media over the Veepstakes

Obama, master of the media. It’s great to see him play political puppetmaster. Another
about the story of who the veep will be without actually announcing
who that person is: Obama Appears Ready to Announce His Running Mate.

Senator Barack Obama has all but finalized his choice for a running mate
and set an elaborate roll-out plan for his decision, beginning with an early
morning alert to supporters, perhaps as soon as Wednesday, followed by a trip
to swing states by the new Democratic ticket, aides said.

Mr. Obama’s deliberations remain remarkably closely held. Aides said
perhaps a half-dozen advisers were involved in the final discussions in an
effort to enforce a command that Mr. Obama issued to staff: that his decision
not leak out until supporters are notified.

Mr. Obama had not notified his choice — or any of those not selected
— of his decision as of late Monday, advisers said….

Aides said the announcement would come at the earliest on Wednesday morning,
and no later than Friday….

I wouldn’t be shocked to be surprised by his choice. I remain convinced Hillary
Clinton is the best person for the job. Obama needs someone who can do what
he can’t do: fight like hell. He’s also not been able to connect on economic issues at all. Krugman:

But while polls continue to show that the public, by a large margin, trusts Democrats more than Republicans to handle the economy, recent polling shows that Barack Obama has at best a small edge over Mr. McCain on the issue — four points in a recent Time magazine poll, and he is one point behind according to Rasmussen Reports, which does automated polling. And Mr. Obama’s failure to achieve a decisive edge on economic policy is central to his failure to open up a big lead in overall polling.

Why isn’t the Obama campaign getting more traction on economic issues?

Calling Hillary Clinton.

Whoever Obama picks, it better be before Thursday, when I’ll be on the road to Denver. Thank goodness for aircards, right?


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