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McCain Fails Today’s Ad War

Guest post by Scott Hopkins

The McMansion saga continues. Ambinder from earlier today:

Sen. John McCain’s campaign is finishing a hard-hitting television ad highlighting Barack Obama’s ties to shady Chicago land dealer Tony Rezko, the one-time Obama patron who was convicted earlier this summer of fraud.

A campaign official said that the decision to Go Rezko was Obama’s. “He’s opened the door to this,” the official said.

The ad will be released to network news divisions in time for their broadcasts tonight.

Though McCain is widely perceived to to drawn first blood by attacking Obama’s character, the official said that the difference between Obama’s mocking McCain for his wealth and his shaky answer on the number of homes he owns was that McCain’s charge “reflects an existential reality,” where Obama’s charges “attack Cindy. She owns the homes. I thought he said the wives were off-limits.”

Existential reality?

Obama’s “Seven” ad must have, um, hit close to home and sent them over the edge, because this is the response they eventually came up with:

Obama’s ad was one of the best of the season, and here is one of the worst. Clearly rushed, with ominous drum hits and unpleasant narration…this ad is laughable, especially when the happy music suddenly arrives at the end just in time for McCain’s approval message. They’ve done way better.

This opens the door for Obama to hit back even harder tomorrow, and in a more dignified fashion, but we may well be talking about something else by then.

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