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Does John McCain Think Women are Stupid?

Reporting from the road in Colorado

Hillary made 18 million cracks in the ceiling, but Palin can shatter it once
and for all. Never mind she has no experience whatsoever to be commander in
chief. Considering she’s next in line for the presidency if her elderly partner
becomes president, that should frighten everyone. Besides, women supported Hillary
not just because she was a woman. Clinton came with years and years of experience,
travel to war torn countries and was endorsed by more flag ranked officers than
any candidate running.

Hey, but it’s "nucular," man. Here we go again. Palin channeling
a Bushism.

Listening to her speech in Ohio, all I could do was cringe. It’s like watching
a high school assembly campaign for class president. But at least there’s a
bonus. She
comes with a scandal
. Don’t all Republicans?

Seriously, all this suffrage rambling is convenient, but considering both McCain
and Palin are against women’s civil rights and equal pay, hoisting her into
the public spotlight and hearing her talking about Hillary is absolutely insulting.

Does McCain think women are stupid? Evidently, yes. They believe that just
because Sarah Palin is a woman, disaffected HRC voters and women are supposed
to flock to her. Experience, for Republicans has got nothing to do with it, especially if you’re a chick.

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