We inaugurated it last week.

Here are the rules. Conversation is encouraged, especially on
politics, though anything goes. But no petty bickering, bad mouthing
or general rudeness allowed. Political infighting is also put on hold, though I don’t expect anyone to put up with any crap from the political rabble. However, anyone else breaking the Tip O’Neill Cocktail Time rules has
to give $5 to his or her candidate of choice, congressional hopefuls included.
Honor system applies.

But tonight, let’s throw in a little recipe swapping on top. Here’s one from

The catfish was EEEEGGxelent. My own patented Diablo shrimp…I like rock
shrimp but anykind will do really. A pound of shrimp marinated overnight in
the juice of one lemon, a nice fresh ripe Jalapeno diced up REALL small seeds
and all, as much chipotle powder as you dare, a couple of good sized cloves
of garlic through a garlic press, some minced Celantro, a shot of Tequila,
a tiny bit of honey and some Paprika for color. Mix all that together and
add the shrimp, coating all the shrimp in a none reactive bowel. Refrigerate
over night. Just before you are ready to grill get the BEST possible Lump
Crab meat, NOT, repeat, NOT the caned crap and toss together with the shrimp
till it’s all coated. Get some farm raised catfish fillets, BIG ones and at
the head end cut a pocket as deeply as you can without pearcing the fish all
the way. Stuff the pockets and close with toothpicks. Hit them with some soya
sauce and rub it around to coat the fish. Rub fillets with extra virgin olive
oil. Use those fish holder thingies so you can turn them without everything
falling apart. Grill till the cat fish is nice and done and the shrimp are
JUST cooked. If you want take any marinade left and add some wine, mix up
a little flour in water to thicken up and make a gravey to pour over the finished
fillets. So what’s the dilly with NC BarBQ and a vinager base? – secularhumanizinevoluter
| 07.23.2008 – 6:05 pm | #

So pour a tall one. Shake up a dirty martini. Uncork some wine. Or pour yourself
some sparkling water, juice, or maybe even simply sit back with a popsicle.
But take a load off and relax. It’s the weekend, baby.