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Primary Post-Mortems Continue


Gail Sheehy's Vanity Fair piece is online. Bill doesn't use a Blackberry, anonymous sources, etc. Some of it, however, rings true. I ran into Sheehy at Clinton's women's generation event in D.C. She was talking to everyone she could. Today on MSNBC she elaborates on her piece, talking about how Clinton ended up coming across “not as a fake man,” says Sheehy, but… Oh Lordy, what in the world can you say about that one? Bill wants Hillary as veep. Bill. Bill. Bill. You get it.

Watch, read, discuss.

The undeniable truth is that Hillary today is as strong as Obama. The best case I can see for why she should be at the top of any short list he has for vice president. Whether she is or not tells a whole different tale. The ending being the difference between Democrats winning and losing.

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