Guest Post by: Christina Cedeno

[taken from PUMA site]

[taken from PUMA site:]

This is why nobody takes PUMA seriously. The above is just a perfect example of why all the emails, faxes, phone calls, and constant repining doesn’t seem to be remotely effective (see the Wisconsin delegate who still got rightfully stripped and replaced with another Hillary Delegate after PUMA went to work for her). The above is a perfect typification of PUMA lying about their claims of simply being a coalition standing up for Democracy.

Don’t the photos above smell a little of say… hypocrisy?

PUMA isn’t standing up for Democracy. They aren’t trying to “reclaim” it. They are just trying to get their candidate elected- which they have every right to do- but let’s not beat around the bush. They are engaging IN Democracy, not setting out to “reform” it. They should be THANKING America, not saying that this country is going to hell (exact words from a PUMA- the people mad that Reverend Wright challenged the audacity of America).

I tracked down the creator of the Hillary “Bitch” poster, “Von dada” and I asked him two questions via email. I got extremely straight answers. It turns out this poster wasn’t about offending Senator Clinton, it was about using the term “Bitch” as a strong female empowering noun ala Tina Fey on Saturday Night Live (why wasn’t it bad when Fey called Senator Clinton a bitch).

Here is what he had to say:

Q: What inspired you to create this poster?

combination of factors. The ubiquitous paste-ups of the Shepard Fairey
Obama “Hope” posters all around Los Angeles and Tina Fey’s “Bitch is
the New Black” rant on SNL. One thing came to mind: “Where’s Hillary’s
propaganda poster?” Coming from an extremely Liberal upbringing and an
even more Liberal “Liberal Arts” education, I thought I could use
“Bitch” as an empowering word like Tina Fey did. Then I remembered I
was a male and you can’t do that, apparently. No matter how much Mary
Daly I’ve read. It’s like Blacks using the N-word. If you’re not in
the culture, you can’t use that culture’s words. I’ve gotten some hate
mail that speaks to that topic. Whether you love the poster or hate
the poster, you’re right. In the end, all I wanted to do is get a
response out of people, good or bad. Oh, and get paid for it. I still
have some for sale at if anyone’s interested.

Q: Are you an Obama supporter?

a dyed-in-the-wool, Union-card-carrying Liberal. So, of course I’m an
Obama supporter. I’m pro-Democrat and anti-Republican. If Hillary had
been the Democratic candidate, I’d vote for her. I just hope Obama
picks a Southern Democratic for the ticket or we’re all f*cked.

What is the inspiration behind the “snob” photo? Anything empowering? Anything positive-based, River Daughter? No, didn’t think so. It’s just something used to bash the Democratic front-runner. Something “used to rile up your base right, GB? Something to get a little more hits, a few more “you rock” comments.

Strange. It seems Americans don’t really know who they want in a President. We want an intelligent, courageous, intellectual, and confident candidate, but when we get that, then he’s a “snob” because we want all of that but we also want him to be just a regular Joe, which is what gets your George Bush, just a guy you’d like to have a beer with, remember?

This is why nobody can take this call-it-whatcha-will group (a “movement,” a “coalition,” a “counter-movement,”) seriously. PUMA isn’t concerned about making the roll call truly official, they aren’t concerned with counting every vote, they aren’t concerned about “keeping the Democratic party Democratic.” They are concerned with seeing someone they don’t want as the nominee elected via Democratic process. The tricky part is, it’s ten times harder to “win” that debate when you’re not the majority. Instead, more often than not, it just comes across as quixotic pontification.

Maybe in 2012 the DNC should just have a football game to decide the nominee, because apparently voting isn’t “Democratic” enough ( make it a game of two-hand touch, as to not offend women who will undoubtedly feel the game wouldn’t be fair while simultaneously exclaiming that women can do everything men can do). Hey at least we know it will be 100% American.

Question: If these PUMAs were so passionate and motivated, and if they are truly life-long Democrats why not use their “inspiration” to try and improve what they may feel are Senator Obama’s weak points? Why does Darragh Murphy say in this interview that “people won’t vote for Obama-” why does she imply that he can’t win? So instead, she, and many others, seem to think since Obama can’t persevere they should further damage the nation and go against their supposed “principles” by voting for the Republican. In an essence, what Darragh is uttering is that PUMAs will vote for the candidate who they feel is going to win. Is that what is going on? PUMA just doesn’t want to vote for the loser? That is called identity voting, PUMAs are chocked full of them (hence some of those racial undertones ala Harriet Christian’s “I can’t call you black” comment).

It’s just another reason nobody can take them seriously. Every email that is sent, every fax, every thing that reaches the hands of some secretary who works for anyone tied to government isn’t taken seriously. The first one is read, the second one is read, the third, fourth, fifth, and so on are ignored. Because it isn’t an unbiased source, it isn’t a real Democratic cause. I doubt those on the receiving end of the calls even tag this “coalition” “PUMA.” Every news media outlet that has covered this bunch has introduced them first and foremost as “angry (disgruntled) Hillary Clinton supporters.” Now, who does THAT hurt? Obama? McCain? Or the Clinton brand? I’ll go with the latter.

PUMA has turned into something much worse than the rogue dead-ender Ron Paul crowd. It is no longer about electing a president, it is no longer about an election, a primary, or even about Hillary Clinton. It’s just about hatred now. PUMA has no real solid agenda like strong and effective organizations (i.e., media matters, etc.). Instead, PUMA has turned into a fringe-wing group tapping into the ring with all other right-wing 527’s whose only message is hate. “We hate Obama.”

The kicker? if the nominee were Hillary, PUMA would be fleeing from the ring as to protect themselves from the 527 sharks who would then be clamoring, “we hate Clinton.” the right is not your friend PUMA, they lie just as much now as they did then.. the difference is now the lies are what you want to hear.

It has turned into a witch hunt, “what dirt can we find on Obama today?” and the vitriol that goes into their emails, faxes, and phone calls wreak of it. So by the time their “call[s] to action” reach the recipient, by the time the secretary reads three or four of these messages, they turn from being something constructive to just a higher form of hate mail, and nobody responds constructively to hate mail.

While PUMA has long begun their crumble into the likes of “swift boat veterans for truth” and the infamous 527 organizations they have claimed themselves something so transparently false- Democratic. PUMA is anything but. It may contain an ample amount of “Democrat In Name Only” constituents, but certainly they lack “ideals” voters. Their crumble has taken them to a lower plateau of disingenuousness, a cesspool of something darker, an organization brimming with GOP shills. And the more this happens, the more it will likely become nothing more than an institution for all things Anti-Democrat.

But the more I learn about this fringe-wing group, the more I begin to think that was the original intent all along.