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John McCain Answers My Question on Pakistan


Another foreign policy gaffe, compliments of the man who said “I know how to win wars.” That’s pretty amazing considering he doesn’t seem to be able to find the country most strategically linked to our current day national security challenges.

I’ve been asking for weeks why John McCain hasn’t mentioned Pakistan, along
with Central Asia, though I know that’s asking an awful lot, especially after
what we heard today.

Well, no wonder John McCain hasn’t mentioned Pakistan much. The man doesn’t
know where it is.

compliments to Yglesias

Memo to McCain: There’s a big old country between Iraq and Pakistan. You sang
a song about it not long ago.

This is just one reason why it’s obvious that in order for Republicans to win only one thing
will work for them: swiftboating and going nuclear on Obama. Come
the fall, Republicans will have no choice. John McCain is simply an inept campaigner and an even worse communicator off the cuff. He makes Bob Dole look good, but at least Dole
knew his geography.

McCain sounds more and more like George W. Bush every day.

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