Rep. Henry Waxman, Mary Tyler Moore, and Larry Sinclair? The Republicans have got to be thrilled. Liberal media in action, right? This from the National Press Club.

This is a topic that's been banned around here since it surfaced, not even allowed in the comments. Now the National Press Club, which rents out space to people, is allowing Larry Sinclair to present his uncorroborated, unsubstantiated tall tale on June 18th, adding legitimacy to it that it doesn't deserve. Sinclair is a smear merchant, plain and simple.

The Minnesota man who claims to have had sex with and taken cocaine with Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama voluntarily participated in a series of polygraph tests over the weekend. initially offered Larry Sinclair $10,000 to take a polygraph test, and $100,000 if he passed it and was shown to be telling the truth. acquired the services of two expert polygraph examiners, who have examined Mr. Sinclair. The results of the first polygraph examination by Dr. Ed Gelb (Former President of the American Polygraph Association) indicate "deception" in regards to both the drug and sex claims by Sinclair. ...

Larry Sinclair Polygraph Test Indicates "Deception"

Obama's a secret Muslim!

Obama's anti American!

But Larry Sinclair? Look at the guy. He screams fraud.

Nevertheless, Sinclair is getting a platform at the National Press Club. It takes swiftboating to a new level, lower than low.

Obama is fighting back.

That night, in a conference call, Obama told his top aides it was time for a more aggressive solution to the rumors that have been popping up on the Internet about him and his family for months. And so the Obama campaign has built what might best be described as a Web-based rumor clearinghouse, located at, in which it hopes all the shady stories about Obama's faith, his family and his rumored connections with controversial figures can go to die.

Will Obama's Anti-Rumor Plan Work?

With institutions like the National Press Club aiding the smear merchants, Obama's new Fight the Smears website is going to be busy.

PETITION: Why is the National Press Club
Hosting Anti-Obama Smear Merchant?