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The General Election is Not a Caucus


Big Tent Democrat
from last night:

The West
Virginia exit polls
indicate that he lost white voters 69-28. Astounding?
Not really. In Ohio,
Clinton won white voters 64-34. In Pennsylvania,
Clinton won whites 63-37. Indiana? Whites went for Clinton 60-40. Massachusetts?
Whites went for Clinton 58-40. Rhode
? 63-31 for Clinton. North
? 61-37. And the same in Arkansas, Tennessee, Maryland, Alabama,
Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, Oklahoma, Arizona, Missouri and so on.

Obama has won the white vote in Iowa, Kansas, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Virginia,
Colorado, Washington, Idaho, Utah, North Dakota, Nebraska, etc. West of the
Mississippi all of them EXCEPT Wisconsin and VA.

West Virginia is not an anomaly. Obama’s white working class problem is
EAST of the Mississippi. It is not just Appalachia. It MUST be addressed.
Calling West Virginia names is not going to solve the problem….

The Obama blogs are in a panic, so they’ve taken to word
blizzards about Appalachia
, contending Obama’s problems only lie there, so it’s no big deal. As you
can see from the above snippet, Obama’s electoral problem is wider, longer and deeper. The progressive elites are missing reality for their own prejudice.

There’s been a visceral reaction to Clinton staying in the race with the elite
Obama blogs resenting her even though Obama hasn’t the number he needs to win the nomination yet. They want the
lady to bow out gracefully or just go away. Fighting tough is just so hard for them to understand.
The One has earned our genuflection, according to them. So they’re bouncing
around somewhere between racism and Appalachia to explain Obama’s complete and
total collapse last night in West Virginia, which is simply a deep repudiation of what’s happened across this country.

Folks, it’s simple. It’s not about race. It’s about empathy. It’s about an emotional connection to a president, but not because he’s a political Messiah. Blue collar workers need their president. It’s about connecting with someone they believe gets their challenges, will fight for them, and find solutions that will make their lives better. What’s he going to do for me? Some people simply don’t relate to this guy, and that “some”
is ever expanding the larger Obama’s map becomes and the deeper he gets into America.

Most of America, the people that
flipped Obama off yesterday, don’t read the blogs. But if they did they wouldn’t
read the Obama blogs. Because they wouldn’t want to read that their racism is the only reason they thought Clinton would be the better president based on the fact that she’s more qualified and shows it. Oh, and she also shows up. Barack’s not a windsurfing tank riding swiss cheese eating
Phillie steak guy, but he’s also not a get down with the folks, hear their troubles,
fix them with whatever helps including the psychological offering of a gas tax
holiday type of guy either. If you saw Obama’s disastrous campaign stop in Cape Girardeau, Missouri yesterday you’d know what I mean. (I’m from Columbia, Missouri.) As the map expands and
the general election comes closer into view, The One is going to get less genuflecting
and more shrugs.

The general election is not a caucus.

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