Michigan and Florida


Hopefully, since you’re reading this post, you didn’t have to watch “Recount,”
the incredibly gut wrenching HBO recreation of election 2000, to understand
that Democrats cannot simply ignore the votes in Michigan and Florida. It’s
a preposterous suggestion, one which Senator Obama believes he can hide behind.
It’s insulting, especially when there are many logical ways to solve the challenge.
Revoting would have been best, in my view, but Obama didn’t want that so his
supporters in Michigan ignored the importance of voting in favor of trying to
help Obama get to the magic nomination number by stiffing a revote. Try another
plan then:

…In Michigan, Clinton received 55 percent of the vote. According to Thegreenpapers.com,
she thus should receive 73 pledged delegates based on that percentage.

What about the 50 remaining uncommitted delegates, and 7 collectively cast
for Sen. Chris Dodd and Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich, who were also on the ballot?

Some of those 50 delegates might have been for Clinton as a second choice
to candidates other than Obama, so it would be totally unfair to award all
50 delegates to Obama.

One little known fact: Clinton complied with party rules by allowing her
name to remain on the ballot, as did Dodd and Kucinich. Obama was not forced
by party rules to remove his name — he chose to do so.

The Rules Committee has several options. The fairest would be to allocate
those 57 pledged delegates, to Clinton and Obama by the same ratio of their
standing to one another in the average of the most recent Michigan statewide
polls prior to the Jan. 15 primary. Or perhaps one Solomonic compromise, more
generous to Obama than to Clinton, would be to divide the remaining delegates
approximately 50-50 between the two of them, 28-27 (giving Clinton the extra
delegate since she led in all the latest statewide polls prior to Jan. 15).

Florida’s compromise solution is even easier. Clinton won 50 percent of the
vote, while Obama won 33 percent of the 1.7 million Democratic votes cast.
According to Thegreenpapers.com, that would give Clinton 105 delegates and
Obama 69 delegates. That leaves 11 elected John Edwards delegates yet to decide,
as well as 13 still unpledged superdelegates. (Eight supers have already decided
for Clinton and five have decided for Obama). …

A proposed
solution for Fla. and Mich.

The real issue is that Clinton wants to count the votes, while Obama has shown
no urgency to do the same. How anyone can support a candidate who is actively
shrugging off counting every single vote cast is beyond me. It’s anti-democratic
and anti-American. At this point the Obama team is playing from the Bush-Cheney
playbook. It’s reprehensible, but people who run the Democratic Party don’t
seem to care. Remarkable that Senator Obama is getting away with it while Democrats
are openly ignoring what he’s doing. Meanwhile, many turn around and blame Clinton
for demanding to COUNT ALL THE VOTES.

Watch “Recount.” You don’t back down until it’s over. Folks, it’s
not over yet, even with reality playing over and over in my head: In the general election the popular vote is trumped by the electoral college; in a Democratic primary fight for the nomination delegate count trumps popular vote. Whether either of these realities is the correct one is another subject entirely.

That’s why this fight is critical, because Democrats have got to understand that the strongest candidate against John McCain is Hillary Clinton. Obama’s team thinks he can win Nevada in November? Seriously? Talk about optimistic. Missouri? Really? Not convinced. Where does Obama get the map to win against John McCain? Florida? Ha! Appalachia? Yeah, right. Folks, this isn’t too difficult. Simply quit sucking on the hope straw so hard, take it out of your mouth, and then exhale, because too much hope without a reality dose fogs the brain.

Are you going to D.C. on May 31st? Need a ride? Help others. Get a plan. Overnight open thread to hash it out.

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Michigan and Florida


Donna, you have a problem. I’ve not weighed in on Ms. Brazile’s… um… performances on CNN. But she’s got real credibility issues that have shown up via many emails. Hold on to your chairs, folks. This one is a doozy.

From: xxxxx@yahoo.com
Sent: Thursday, May 08, 2008 2:17 AM
To: donna@brazileassociates.com Subject: This Race Hi Donna!!!!

I am emailing you on behalf of many people. I am, as you may know, a Hillary
Clinton Supporter. You have probably gotten a lot of emails from her supporters,
and I understand from the blogs I often frequent that you have responded to
many of them.

I want you to know that I read bits and pieces of your autobiography, Cooking
With Grease, and thought it was wonderful and well written. I came to understand
from your book and from a lot of what I have witnessed in this election cycle
that to simply put groups of people in Demographics and Exit polls is a misunderstanding
of both America and the Democratic Party.

What I have learned is that people often vote based on their experiences.
You, as an Undeclared Obama supporter, probably identify strongly with his
candidacy because of the struggles you went through during a time when race
relations in this country were in turmoil. I voted for Hillary Clinton, not
only because I relate to her strongly as both a person and a woman who is
very spiritual and devoted to her family and to helping others, but also because
she is the greatest candidate to lead this country out of the mess we’re in,
and because her policy proposals have been phenominal and close to my heart,
because it proves to me that she is not simply talking and promising change,
she is telling me how she is going to make it happen. It proves to me that
she actually cares.

As a young person, I have a big future ahead of me, and I also have dreams
and ambitions, and strong opinions and many other things. CNN tells me every
day that I should be supporting Barack Obama, because his freshness and newness
should appeal to my fickle nature.

But I support Hillary, and like many of her supporters, I feel sad and dissappointed
and hurt and many other things by what I see, based on rationality and facts,
as the poor and undeserved treatment she and her husband have received by
the DNC party elite and the Chicago Style Campaign tactics of Senator Obama’s
Campaign that I have witnessed with my own eyes and heard a number of stories

I understand that many of the emails you have received by Clinton Supporters
urging you to do the right and ethical thing by seating Michigan and Florida
delegates have been angry and often probably obnoxious. But you cannot possibly
understand how frustrated they are. And while you may say that they are “the
reason” Hillary is losing, whatever her supporters have done or said
pale in comparison to the abuse and mistreatment we have suffered from some
supporters of Senator Obama.

You may use Roe V Wade as a trump card for accusing them of being petty in
their vows to not support Senator Obama, should he be the nominee, but I assure
you that using something like that as a threat will not work, because there
are few (actually, no) politicians I have seen that are as devoted to a woman’s
right to choose than Hillary Clinton, and you know that as well as I.

Ms. Brazille, I urge you not to disclude and disenfranchise millions of voters
from every walk of life from this nominating process simply for the sake of
one candidate, because doing so would be an awful mistake. I have respect
for you as a person, Ms. Brazille, but I would implore you to make the right
decision and seat Florida and Michigan . I would also implore you to stop
encouraging super delegates to force Senator Clinton out of the race, because
the more they do this, the stronger she gets.

Ms. Brazille, I cannot pretend to understand what you have gone through in
your life, nor what you are going through now. It would be ignorant of me
to try. But many people feel angry when they are stereotyped or put in a box
because if what candidate they support. I support Hillary Clinton, and I love
all of my friends. Including the great African American friends I have that
I adore. and all of the African American women at my mother’s church who embrace
me and always tell me how “pretty” I look every time I see them.
I also love my Latino friends, my Italian friends, my Jewish friends, my Catholic

As I said, I cannot pretend to understand your experiences, but nor can you
understand mine. Just because a person’s skin may be paler that yours, does
not mean their lives are without suffering. I, for one, cry at night wondering
what my republican mother will do if anything happens to her, because she
doesn’t have Health Insurance. And because of this, my mother may just support
Hillary Clinton over John McCain come this fall. She is a Republican who supports
Hillary Clinton not because Rush Limbaugh told her to, but because she believes
that Hillary Clinton is a Candidate that may actually care about her.

So Ms. Brazille, I would yet again urge you to do everything you can to seat
Michigan and Florida properly, and also, I would ask that you stop saying
you are “undeclared” on CNN’s panels when clearly you know which
candidate you support.

Thank you very much for reading this email. Like you, I am very emotionally
invested in this Campaign, (as is Stephanie Tubbs Jones, a Congresswoman from
the district next to mine who also supports Hillary :D) and wish you all the
luck in the world.


A young female voter from Ohio

I thought it was a very nice letter. I was so proud of it I even went back
and read it over a few times. It was a nice letter, and I posted it on the
Comments section in Taylor Marsh, and was told “If this doesn’t reach
her then nothing can.” Well, that is a bit of a problem because this
was her reply:

From: “Donna Brazile” Add Mobile Alert
To: xxxxxxxxx

RE: This Race
Date: Thu, 8 May 2008 07:58:35 -0400

Thanks Natalie, As of today, I am not going to respond to any more anti
American, Anti Democratic emails. Have a nice day.

I am sorry because you are sincere, but the Hillary forces are uncivil,
repugnant and vile. When you come up for air and would like to email a person
who cares about America and not just a personality, I will respond.
(emphasis added by TM)

Thanks for your time and your interest.


I kid you not. That was her reply. This is DNC leadership. A Superdelegate
and a person responsible for seating Florida and Michigan. Is this normal
behavior for party leadership? I must say that I’m somewhat confused. And
if anyone can tell me how my letter to her was “Anti-American” and
“Anti-Democratic” and how I supposedly “don’t care about America”
because I urged her to count the votes in two swing states, please let me
know. I’m dying to figure out how counting votes is “Anti-American”
and “Anti-Democratic”.

Clinton’s forces are “uncivil, repugnant and vile”? Brazile has a lot of nerve talking to Hillary’s supporters about a “personality.” You just cannot make this stuff up.

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