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Dear Timmy

from Washington, D.C.

You loud mouthed, self-important, elitist, John McCain pimping, pile on artist,
anti feminist, misogynistic, ego driven, over paid, hack, blow hard, Clinton
hating, so 20th century male, mind numbing pontificator, against all things
Democratic jackass. Who elected you to anything? Whose place is it to announce
we have a nominee when neither candidate has enough delegates? I’ll tell you
who: no one. You couldn’t get elected to the Senate if your life depended on
it, and as for the top job, what a laugh. So here’s some advice for you.
Take a trip to Columbia, Missouri and drop by the school of journalism there,
the first and finest. Take a couple of classes. Learn what your job really is.
Then quit unloading your rhetorical turds on television. No one cares about
your predictions. It’s also embarrassing to see a grown man get paid all that
money to make an ass out of himself every day, but especially when it comes
to Hillary Clinton. Don’t think for a second we don’t know your real game. It’s
been obvious for a very long time.

Let’s just say it’s been a very bad week for NBC News, with your despicable performance last night the cherry on top.

… .. Who the fuck anointed Tim Russert as the final arbiter of anything?
His job is to analyze the political landscape not declare the decision as
if he were some kind of Roman Emperor giving a thumbs up or thumbs down. It’s
bad enough that these gasbags put those thumbs on the scale as hard as they
do, but actually taking the initiative to say when the race is over is even
worse. To coin a favorite Village phrase, “it’s not their place.”

It may be that last night really was the tie breaker that showed that Obama’s
campaign could withstand some harsh press and rebound from setbacks. It’s
not a bad thing for Democratic voters to test that out and give him some practice.
If he’s the nominee and then the president, he’s going to have to get used
to it. But if it is the end, as I think many of us suspect, it’s for Senator
Clinton to be the one to declare it, not Tim Russert or any other fatuous
overpaid Village gasbag who is no more insightful or informed than any of

The idea floating around, even in the blogosphere, that once Tim Russert
“says it” it’s true is so galling that I can hardly keep from projectile
vomiting. Giving him that power will come back to bite us hard down the road.
… ..

Ye, Hear Ye
, by Digby

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