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A Conversation of Heart


It was just between Hillary Clinton and bloggers who have her back.

I taped it for all of you so you could hear it for yourself.

Peter Daou introduces the call, which included bloggers who support Clinton, especially on getting the votes counted in Michigan and Florida. But invitations had absolutely nothing to do with blog clout or traffic. It was about talking to and thanking people, because we’re all in this together. Clinton’s appreciation is evident in every word exchanged. It reminds me of seeing her at the women’s generation event in D.C. last week. When she came over, saw me, took my hands, then said, “Thank you. Thank you.” That was the tone and message of the call from Clinton.

It’s doubtful that anything surprised the insiders of the Clinton campaign more than the relationship Hillary has experienced with her online supporters, but especially the bloggers who have made the case for Clinton as time has passed.

We’ve got your back, Hillary. We’re in it all the way.

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