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Parallel Universes

Parallel Universes
Guest post by Scan

I’m really wondering if thats the only explanation left. Somebody get CERN on the phone.

Obama gained a superdelegate yesterday, Democratic State Chairman Steve Achelpohl of Nebraska. In his endorsement statement, he had this to say:

“Sen. Obama continues to transcend ‘politics as usual’ and focus on the issues that really matter to American families and workers,” Achelpohl said.

“Our party can unite behind Sen. Obama and his positive campaign.”

Obama, he said, will “unite Americans from all walks of life behind his historic movement for change.”

Historic movement for change? As opposed to the historic tendency of predictability?

Thats right, just keep repeating the magic words: change, unity, transcend, hope, etc, and you can’t go wrong. I’ve noticed a lot of these cookie-cutter superdelegate endorsement statements. I suppose his words are less nauseating than Senator Klobuchar’s “dissolve the hard vinegar edge” thing, but I have to wonder…what universe does he reside in? I ask because yesterday also happened to feature some of the nastiest stuff yet from the Obama campaign, and thats saying something.

“Since when do Democrats attack one another on universal health care?” – Hillary Clinton, 2/23/08

For one thing, a couple of negative ads were released. One of them just happened to make the false charge, yet again, that Clinton’s universal health care plan “forces everyone to buy insurance, even if you can’t afford it.” Not sure who wrote this particular ad, Harry or Louise, but one Democrat attacking another for providing a health care plan that is sure to cover everyone is about as lame as it gets. You know, Republican playbook and all.

But this doesn’t even compare with what happened on an Obama conference call with Pennsylvania Bosnia veterans the same day.

Maj. Gen. Walter Stewart (ret.) had this to say:

We can make an assumption here that the honored dead within the Tomb of the Unknown was killed by a sniper. Imagine the lack of moral authority she has now to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on Memorial Day. I’ll say this as a Vietnam veteran, hundreds, we can speculate about how the unknown died. But you go over to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall and will certainty there are hundreds on that wall that died under sniper fire. That’s the incident I think in a nutshell.”

A class act, this campaign. Not desperate at all.

Its just a good thing that Barack assured us that this Bosnia business only gets talked about when they are asked about it, or else I might think somebody’s being dishonest. Three days earlier in the debate, he also had this to say:

I think what’s important is to make sure that we don’t get so obsessed with gaffes that we lose sight of the fact that this is a defining moment in our history.

In those circumstances, for us to be obsessed with this — these kinds of errors I think is a mistake. And that’s not what our campaign has been about.

Well thats a relief. Thanks for clarifying.

Luckily, Clinton camp didn’t miss a beat, with Howard Wolfson correctly referring to this particular conference call as the most outrageous attack of the entire campaign and adding:

A major theme of Sen. Obama on the stump is that Hillary Clinton is running a negative campaign based on “slash and burn politics” and that he represents a break from that kind of politics. In fact, in just the last 48-hours, Sen. Obama has flooded airwaves, radio, phone lines and mailboxes with negative and false attacks against Hillary. This unprecedented barrage coincides with a weak debate performance and Sen. Obama’s slide in the daily Gallup poll.

Nice to know I’m not crazy…thanks, Howard!

So it goes. Prepare yourself for a lot more of the same. But keep in mind…an inevitable nominee doesn’t run a campaign like this.

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