Obama’s Reaction to Pro Clinton 527
guest post by MABlue

Okay, so it’s not technically a "guest post," but it definitely deserves the nod.

It’s what reader and TM LIVE! listener MABlue put in
the comment section
in response to what I reported on radio today:

Barack Obama’s campaign has filed a formal complaint over a pro-Hillary
Clinton group running ads attacking the Illinois senator on jobs and the economy
in the critical primary state of Indiana.

The American Leadership Project, which includes veterans of the Clinton administration
and longtime supporters, is a “527,” which means it is not bound
by federal campaign finance laws as long as it does not directly advocate
on behalf of a particular candidate. The group announced earlier this week
that it was planning to buy $700,000 worth of airtime in the state leading
up to Tuesday’s vote. It has aired other spots in support of Clinton
in key primary states like Pennsylvania, Ohio and Texas.

The Obama campaign planned a conference call this morning with general counsel
Bob Bauer to discuss the specifics of the complaint filed Wednesday with the
Federal Elections Commission. Several weeks ago, the Obama campaign used the
group in its own fundraising appeals, sending supporters a plea for donations
that pointed to actions by “Swift Boat-style groups and smear campaigns.”
… ..

campaign files FEC complaint against pro-Clinton group

Repeat after me… Waaaaaaaah-wah-waaaaaaaaah. Leave Barack Alone!