by Paul Szep

The first headline of its kind from the traditional media comes from ABC, and is at the top of the “Headlines” above. It says it all: Wright
Raising Questions About Obama’s Electability
Only one thing can change this creeping reality and it’s big wins in North Carolina and Indiana. It’s an understatement how much next Tuesday matters, with the momentum clearly shifting to Clinton, though it’s by no means set.

Huffington Posts’ “Off the Bus” reporter, the same person who broke
“bittergate,” Mayhill Fowler, talks about Obama’s signature problem.
He hasn’t been connecting with voters since February, which has been revealed through Ohio and Pennsylvania, though she doesn’t put
that date on it:

Did Senator Obama know to whom he was speaking? Likely not. That’s been his
problem lately on the campaign trail–not knowing exactly where he was. He
even made a joke about it in Hickory when he tried to recall where he had
just met someone whose story he wanted to tell. “We were down in–where
were we?” Quickly he came up with Winston-Salem, and everybody laughed.
Monday in Wilmington, however, not only did he seem not to know Wilmington
but the date and time, saying that it was “March” and “nine
months to November.” The fact that his audiences are largely composed
of die-hard fervent loyalists usually masks this underlying dis-connection.
But it’s worth noting that Senator Clinton always knows exactly where she
is and to whom she is speaking. On Sunday in Wilmington, for example, her
opening remarks touched in quick succession on several important things about
the town: the glorious setting on the Cape Fear River, its connection to the
military, the upcoming commissioning of the new submarine North Carolina there
next weekend, and the fact that “this country has been very good to me
and to many of you,” for people who are lucky enough to live in Wilmington
are lucky indeed.

Descend On Obama Following Wright Controversy

We talked about this yesterday, but Democratic candidate Travis Childers is walking away from Obama. Today Childers
is out with an ad
, with Barack Obama not even mentioned. Marc
lays it down:

LAST SUMMER, Obama bragged about his ability to expand the map for Democrats,
to turn red states blue. He said that “If we just got African-Americans
in Mississippi to vote their percentage of the population, Mississippi is
suddenly a Democratic state.” As was pointed out at the time, the problem
in Mississippi for Democrats isn’t black voters not voting their proportions
— it’s the white voters who don’t vote for Democratic candidates. (Actually,
blacks voted well above this threshold in the 2004 general election.) Is Barack
Obama’s name now political poison in Mississippi?

I’ve said it before, but any notion Obama will help down ticket Dems, especially in states he claimed to be able to turn, is a fantasy
now. Childers is just the first to provide the evidence.

A new Fox “News” poll is devastating to Obama: Obama’s
Favorable Rating Drops

Nearly half of Democrats (48 percent) think Hillary Clinton has a better
chance of beating John McCain in November — 10 percentage points higher
than the 38 percent who think Barack Obama can win, according to a FOX News
poll released Wednesday. This represents a significant shift from March, when
Democrats said Obama was the candidate more likely to beat McCain.

Meanwhile, “Clinton
Exuding Confidence”
is the attitude around Clinton, who has closed
the margin in North Carolina from double digits, is tied with Obama in Indiana (according to CNN), is on message, while
Obama’s pastor disaster has him off message, and on the defensive. Not where you want to be so close to a primary day that could be a tipping point for either candidate.