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Obama is Weaker General Election Candidate

Obama is Weaker General Election Candidate

* Florida: Clinton 44 percent – McCain 42 percent; McCain beats Obama 46 –
37 percent;

* Ohio: Clinton beats McCain 48 – 39 percent; Obama gets 43 percent to McCain’s
42 percent;

* Pennsylvania: Clinton tops McCain 48 – 40 percent; Obama leads McCain 43
– 39 percent.

Hel-loooo surperdelegates. Wake up and take a look at reality if Obama is our nominee.

has a new poll out that is bad news for Obama and Democrats if he’s at the top of the ticket. Add to this Obama’s unwillingness to allow Florida
and Michigan to have re-votes, and you have a general election candidate with
more than a few flaws.

“The difference between Clinton and Obama in Florida is the white vote,”
said Brown. “She gets 38 percent to 50 percent for McCain, but Obama
loses to the Arizona senator 54 – 27 among white voters. If Obama does get
the nomination, how he fares with whites will be crucial to his chances.”

This is what I’ve been writing about for weeks:

“The economic concerns of voters make Ohio a tougher challenge for McCain
than has traditionally been the case for Republicans, who have never won the
White House without carrying Ohio,” Brown said. “But Obama’s weakness
among white men is an indication that he has not yet closed the sale among
the lunch bucket brigade.”

It’s stunning that people are not thinking forward to the general election
and who has a better chance to win. That’s the biggest reason Clinton is working
so hard to shut everyone up so she can finish the race. The long march to April
22nd is causing the nervous elite nellies to hyperventilate on Democratic disaster.
However, the real nightmare would be if we nominated the wrong candidate.

“At least for now, Sen. Clinton’s argument that she is the better general
election candidate in these key battleground states appears to have some validity,”
said Brown. “In this survey, her strength among white voters is why she
runs better against Sen. McCain than does Sen. Obama.

Reagan Democrats aren’t buying Obama now. After the Republicans 527s get finished running Rev. Wright day and night, the “white flight” will only get worse.

Clinton’s strength on the economy is also a huge advantage. Her experience watching
Washington work is also an asset, as is her proven ability to walk across the
aisle and work with people, even those who used to be adversaries going back
to her husband’s impeachment.

That said, the Bosnia flap has made it into the
late night comic bloodstream and needs to play itself out. It
wouldn’t be a problem if Obama wasn’t out spending her.

In the end, let’s remember
that Clinton is the stronger closer. Murtha set the bar yesterday: Clinton by
double digits. That prediction needs to hold. She’s got a lot of support in Pennsylvania. Obama’s in for the fight of his life in Pennsylvania. Because if he loses lunch bucket Democrats by big margins it will also further prove his inability to close the deal, which continues to dog him.

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