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Ferraro Weighs in on Randi Rhodes

Rhodes’ suspension is getting a lot of attention today. Ferraro
weighed in
, too:

Ferraro said Rhodes should be fired.

“What did they do with Don Imus when he went after the young black
team who was playing basketball with kind of the same language? Treat them
both the same,” Ferraro told FOX News. “She’s coming at
me and Hillary in a … sexist way”

Ferraro added that her comments about Obama were blown out of proportion
and taken out of context so that the race card could be played, which was
apparently effective since she has received a considerable amount of hate

“To incite people with language like this young woman just did on radio
is very, very dangerous because … some people take this stuff so seriously
that it can affect your security,” she said.

… .. Broadway Studios manager Francesca Valdez confirmed that video posted
to YouTube was the show held at her venue, and that the booking had been contracted
through Clear Channel Communications. She said that she sat in the audience
for Rhodes’ 45-minute performance, which was chock full of “a
lot of F-words.”

“I was actually amazed that she used the F-word so many times,”
said Valdez, reached by phone in San Francisco.

“When I was hearing her say those things, I was like, somehow, you
know, appalled. And my partner was really offended,” Valdez said, noting
that Rhodes’ dirty language topped that of comedian Dave Chappelle,
who appeared at her place in 1997. … ..

America Host Suspended for Obscenity-Laced Rant Against Clinton, Ferraro


Thing is, Randi Rhodes has never been progressive, except insomuch as people
who hate George Bush are considered de facto “progressives” by other
fauxgressives who don’t give a damn about social progress. She’s casually
transphobic, homophobic, and misogynist as it suits her needs, though she
purports to defend LGBTQ- and women’s rights. And she’s not fucking talented,
either. I’m hard-pressed to imagine anything that could more thoroughly expose
her as the uncreative, unclever, unfunny hack she is than calling Hillary
Clinton a whore—which makes her not only offensive, but boring. That
shtick is about as fresh as a pile of day-old puke. Congratulations, Randi
Rhodes: You’re as hip as Phyllis Schlafly.


Quite frankly I think Rhodes should be fired, not suspended. There’s
nothing progressive about her in my book — she’s the liberal,
female version of Rush Limbaugh on a good day.

SusanUnPC over at No

Let’s contact Air America Radio and tell its top brass that we want
Taylor Marsh to replace Randy Rhodes. Taylor tells it like it is, but she
has class and dignity. She also has a wicked sense of humor and the lively
style needed for AM radio. Taylor would be perfect! Let them know!

It’s a first. Friends asking people to email a radio group on my behalf! Amazing.
Larry Johnson and Susan, thanks.

Send your comments to Air America.

If you’re targeting any radio outfit to get someone like me back on the air, especially expecting fairness on Clinton,
think XM or Sirius.
Air America seems clueless to me, especially where Hillary Clinton is concerned.
Reading progressive bloggers and their reviews on Rhodes, they agree. Even Huffington Post commenters are weighing in against Rhodes, and they never have a kind word to say about Clinton.

UPDATE: Here is the Washington Times piece on the blogs that I talked about on my radio show today. It quotes me, with the National Journal’s Ian Faerstein, editor and writer for “The Blogometer,” sending a nod in our direction.

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