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Clinton Leads in Popular Vote…

… if you count Michigan and Florida.

Ed Rendell was on fire yesterday. He blasted Obama on refusing a re-vote.

I have no idea what Howard Dean, along with Donna Brazile, are planning, but
one thing is now clear. If you count the popular vote in Michigan and Florida,
Clinton is ahead. She’s been fighting for a re-vote in both states for some
time. It’s time to pour on the heat.

Obama wasn’t on the ballot in Michigan by his own campaign designs. He hoped to scuttle Clinton in Iowa and New Hampshire by genuflecting to the earlier states. It backfired. Boo-hoo. As for Florida, Obama ran a million dollars worth of ads, Clinton didn’t. She won. Repeat Obama whine here.

We simply cannot nominate someone without counting the votes of Michigan and
Florida. Dean knows this, even as Brazile fights to make this all about delegates. Popular vote matters, especially since the caucuses are so wacky and undemocratic. (Yes, they’re the rule, but I was against them long before this all started.)

Also weighing on the minds of everyone, including superdelegates, is the fact that Obama cannot
close the deal with white lunch bucket Democrats, who are also likely to go
over to McCain if Obama’s the nominee. It’s not about race, it’s about class
and the fact that Obama and his team just don’t get blue collar workers. What’s
worse is that they don’t seem to care either. You can’t pretend being a regular guy or gal. Some things just won’t pass the smell test. This is one of them.

The Democratic party rose to power by nominating F.D.R., who was an elite, but didn’t act like one, while also knowing the plight of average Americans and offering up policies that cemented a Democratic majority for a generation. John F. Kennedy was an elite, but his family understood blue collar workers and respected them, with Joseph P. Kennedy starting out a rum-runner, scraping his fortune together any way he could. It was J.F.K.’s dad who made sure the unions went Jack’s way, by whatever means necessary. Then there’s Harry Truman, a man who would have never taken to Barack Obama, because he simply wouldn’t have warmed to the word fogs, ducking out on votes, or voting “present.” Truman was a stand up man. Meat and potato politics, baby, solutions, not just speeches. That’s how Bill Clinton did it in the 1990s, offering up solutions, while fighting off the right-wing machine who tried to take he and his wife down. Offering solutions is how Democrats will do it again, only this time by making history.

Hillary Clinton has cemented herself as the working class candidate, inspiring lunch bucket Democrats, the same people who once voted for Reagan, to come back and vote their economic interest for a change, instead of following an image the Republicans are presenting that will never deliver for them. It’s now been proven that Obama just doesn’t inspire the same action. It doesn’t matter that Clinton made good and is a millionaire today. It’s what we all aspire to achieve. The thing is, Hillary never forgot where she came from. Pennsylvania voters got it, as did Ohioans. It’s how Clinton will get the country back and give Democrats the White House again.

But first we’ve got to honor the voters in Michigan and Florida. No nominee is legitimate unless Michigan and Florida help decide the outcome. That’s the bottom line.

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