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Of course she’s correct, because a lot is at stake:

Hillary Rodham Clinton said Tuesday it would be “the height of political
foolishness” for Democrats to back a Republican, or not vote at all,
if they’re disappointed by the outcome of the long-running nomination battle
between her and Barack Obama.

“Anyone, anyone, who voted for either of us should be absolutely committed
to voting for the other” in the general election, Clinton said during
an hourlong meeting with The Indianapolis Star Editorial Board. “I’m
going to shout that from the mountaintops and the valleys and everywhere I
can, no matter what the outcome of the nominating process is.”…

to Dems: Don’t switch sides

That Clinton has to say this at all illustrates Democratic reality today.

Open thread.

UPDATE: The above video has been swapped out. Via Jeralyn at Talk Left, the new video is the whole interview.